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We feel it is important to establish and continue with a full spectrum wellness approach to ensure lasting results. Our goal is to take a simple and fundamentally sound approach to decrease inflammation, neutralizing stress, improving sleep, incorporating pain-free exercise, and simplifying a nutritional and supplemental lifestyle plan.
In order to have a successful weight loss journey and have permanent results you must reprogram your mind and body to burn fat for fuel instead of sugar and address the eight root causes of weight gain.

The 8 Causes of Weight Gain

The “Blueprint to Wellness”

Our “Blueprint to Wellness” program introduces a simple three-part supplement regimen supported by an anti-inflammatory eating plan and a program guidebook detailed with instructions that include a supplement schedule, sample menus, and suggested food and snack options. 

Blueprint to Weight Loss is a simple, fast, fun weight loss program that allows you and the doctor to have an auto-pilot program with fast, permanent results. It’s an easy-to-follow weight loss, detoxification, and healthy living program that is really effective. In fact, we see people lose between half a pound and a pound of fat per day. We’ve realized, after asking hundreds of patients what they think the root cause of their weight gain may be, is that they have no idea, other than eating too much.


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